About Me

My name is Anthony, but a lot of people know me as Big Onion. (My last name in Italian actually translates to "big onion"!)

I'm originally from New Jersey, not far from Philadelphia. I studied Math and Computer Science very briefly at Drexel University before switching to music composition. I made my way to New Orleans in the summer of 2000 to finish both my undergraduate and graduate degrees in music composition at the University of New Orleans, which is where I currently work as an Assistant Dean for the College of Liberal Arts.

I learned to cook mostly because I was too broke to go out. I was amazed at how easily one can be creative, and took great pleasure in modifying recipes or just trying something completely new. It was very similar to composing music: a lot of the tools and basic ideas are there already, the important thing is how you put them all together.

I currently live with five amazing dogs, three cats whom I admire for having fully embraced chaos, a small flock of ducks, and a very wonderful and amazing woman.

We recently got engaged and bought some land outside of Hammond. Make sure to follow us over at HighTail Farms so you can get an idea of what I do when I'm not working my day job or cooking delicious food!