Friday, October 16, 2009

It's a beautiful day ...

Howdy, neighbor!

My name is Anthony, though a lot of people know me as the Big Onion*. Without getting into a lot of what I do for a living (my profile is off to the side there), I'll jump right into this: I love to cook. I love to feed people. I love to make things.

I'm hoping, over time, to show you that making things yourself doesn't need to be difficult. Cooking is easy! You usually have a list of materials and a set of instructions. How hard can it be? My answer is not very hard at all, and hopefully you'll be able to find that out yourself. My sister, after looking at some photos of my homemade pancetta said, "Impressive!" I don't mean to impress. I hope to inspire. You should never have any fear when confronting some raw meat, some fresh vegetables, and a stove. With some knowledge and some imagination, any meal is possible.

Most of what you'll see here is what I'll be making for myself or for someone else. I have a ton of pictures from previous meals, but I'll keep them where they are. All that you will see here will be recent, fresh, and delicious -- or at least I hope so!

So, join me. Let's make some food!

* My last name in Italian actually means "big onion"!

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