Monday, April 4, 2011

Coming up soon: Science in the kitchen! And some changes ...

Howdy, neighbors!

I have a couple of very cool things planned that I wanted to mention, but hope to not give too much away! The start of Marcel's Quantum Kitchen on the Syfy Channel* has gotten me interested in some various molecular gastronomy techniques. I've been doing some experimenting and have a meal planned out, but I'm still trying to get my hands on some "meat glue" (transglutaminase) without having to spend $90 on buying a 1 kg package. I requested some samples from Ajinomoto, who sells the Activa line of transglutaminase products, but we'll see if they actually send it to a non-chef/non-retailer. What I have in mind for it's use isn't something you would normally do, but I think it would be a good way to show how modern science can be used to create interesting dishes. I'll also be showing you some spherification (more or less) techniques, making agar agar noodles, and converting oils/fats to powders. Expect a different post for each of the four, with the "meat glue" ending the series.

Also, I understand that not everyone has an hour to read my quite lengthy posts. I'll do my best to keep them short and from now on I'll also be attaching a link to a PDF of the simplified recipe for those of you who might be in a rush.

In the couple of months since I started posting somewhat regularly on Mr. Onion's Neighborhood I've had almost 1,700 site visits. A huge thank you to my followers and to all of you who come by and read, even if it's only to look at the pictures! My only hope is that you've been inspired in some small way to try something new, adapt something old, or just appreciate the good food that can come with a little bit of time and a lot of love from your very own kitchen!

Keep on cooking, friends. Until next time!

* I hate the new name, Syfy, for the record. Bleh.


  1. That transglutaminase is really hard to come by. I was forced to buy 1kg just to try it out. Never used the rest=)

    1. I was lucky enough that a nearby butcher had bought a whole bunch and was selling small portions of it. That stuff is expensive!

      If I was doing more than just experimenting, I definitely would've invested in a larger bag.