Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Quick Eats: Flatbreads

Howdy, neighbors! I apologize for leaving you hanging for the past few weeks. Summer school has been a tour du force and I haven't had much time to myself. I have quite a few posts pending, so expect to see some catching up in the next week.

After a rough day of work I needed to decompress a little bit before jumping into writing a final paper and writing up the take-home final exam. Ms. Hightail had made some amazing cucumber dip and we had nearly run out of my favorite flatbreads from World Market that went so well with it. I poked around on the Internet a little bit and found a recipe over at Stresscake that seemed pretty easy to handle. (And the site seemed fitting!)

It's a simple recipe of flour, butter, salt, and water. They suggested using a pasta roller, but I thought it would be a little more therapeutic to do it with a rolling pin, rather than dig out the pasta rolling machine which has always been the bane of my existence.

Rather than top with kosher salt, I had some sea salt and go-to seasoning blend from Trader Joe's: 21 Seasoning Salute. I rolled them out paper thin, carefully cut them into strips (rather than squares), brushed with water, then sprinkled on some sea salt and some of the seasoning blend. Into a 400 degree oven for about 10 minutes (I had to rotate the pans a couple of times). As soon as they started to brown a bit around the edges or the bubbles I took them out and let them cool.

The actually hands-on process only took about 10 minutes (there is a 30-60 minute wait after the dough is mixed) and the cooking only took 10 minutes.

It was the perfect way to calm down before I jumped into more work, and a great little snack. Thanks for the great and quick recipe, Stresscake!

I do a lot of cooking in general and don't often have time to snap photos of the whole process. I'd like to start a new little series called Quick Eats that might involve only a photo or two, and a brief run down of the recipe, rather than the usual step-by-step rambling you get from me.

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  1. Yum- looks awesome and sounds so easy! LOVE World Market, by the way- I would live there if I could. What's in that Trader Joe's seasoning, by the way? Is it good for meats and stuff? I think I've seen it there.

    P.S. In regards to your comment on my goat cheese post, I bought low-fat because I wasn't planning on making cheese at first. Then, once I had decided, I figured I'd just go with it. Have you ever made it before?

    P.P.S. I'm posting under my old Google account because I can't for the life of me get my OpenID to work on your site today :(